Plex Lex Gearing UP for Largest Ninja Warrior Training Center in Southeast!

Athletes across the country are testing their limits as they evolve from training in the once innovative and now standard Crossfit and Parkour workout facilities to Ninja Training.  NBC’s “American Ninja Warrior” show has propelled this movement and allowed these motivated warriors to jump off our TV screens & into our living room since 2009.  These modern day Ninja Heroes have achieved greatness through their perseverance to win while many times overcoming adversity!  And many times, these adult Ninja’s aren’t the typical athletes. And as kids they weren’t the “typical kid athletes” playing on the traditional football, baseball and basketball teams.

Plex Lex wants to provide a venue that will not only challenges our adults but also keep kids active, engaged and moving towards & achieving their goals!   The feeling of achievement is the first step towards kids becoming self-aware of their abilities and finding their self-confidence. Plex Lex is looking forward to bringing that competitive edge to the Midlands in the next several months!  We are very excited and hope to be the Largest Training and Sanctioned Competitive Complex in the Southeast!

Stay Tuned!


Posted: Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017