PartiesFrequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Birthday Party FAQ

  1. The website says that I can’t schedule my party online for the date and time of my choice. Why is that?  You are likely attempting to schedule your party less than 2 days in advance of the party date. We require at least 2 days advance notice for birthday party scheduling. If you are trying to schedule a party less than 2 days in advance, please call (803) 732-1900 to check availability.
  2. I was booking online and my time disappeared. Did someone take my time slot?  If you have already selected a time slot and then exit the screen, our system places a temporary “hold” on that date and time so no other guest can take your time slot. Please revisit later in the day to log in, and you should be able to pick up where you left off.
  3. I see that there are table numbers when booking online. Which table number is upstairs or downstairs, and what is the best table for a birthday party?  The table number reflected online do NOT reflect a seating chart. This is simply a way for our system to keep track of how many parties we have going on at one time. If you have a seating request, please feel free to mention your preference during your confirmation call with one of our party staff members.
  4. If I have adults who just want to watch, do they have to pay?  For every two children attending a birthday party, one adult observer may be present on the trampoline floor. For example, if you have a party of 14 children, 7 adult observers may be present on the floor. Viewing areas are available surrounding the trampoline floor and on the Mezzanine. However, anyone who plans to enter the trampoline platform is required to sign a waiver.
  5. What is a Flight Pass, and what all can my party guests do during their jump time?  A Flight Pass is an all-inclusive pass that gives your guests access to the entire trampoline park for one hour. Guests can take advantage of all trampolines, Ninja Warrior Course, Dodgeball Arena, Air Slam Basketball, Foam Pits and Trapeze. Arcade tickets can be purchased at the kiosk. Additional fees are required to add on Ice Skating and or Jumping Jacks at the Irmo location as well as Sector X and or Jumpin Jacks at the Sandhill location.
  6. What is the schedule of the party? How long do the kids get to jump, and when do they eat? Plan to arrive 15 to 20 minutes early, and ask your guests to do the same. Make sure waivers have been completed and signed by the parents or legal guardians of all minor children under the age of 18. Jump time is during the first hour of the party. After jump time, guests will go to the party table for 45 minutes where they can eat, drink and open presents.
  7. Why do I have to arrive 15 to 20 minutes early? What if I’m late?  The start time of your party marks the start time of your guests’ one-hour jump time. It is important to arrive early to get everyone set up with wristbands and make sure all waivers are completed and processed so party guests don’t miss out on their jump time experience.
  8. What if I have more than 10 jumpers?  Additional jumpers are $18 each. You can add more than 10 party jumpers when booking your party online or during your confirmation call the week of your party.
  9. When can I add additional jumpers?  One of our party staff will call to confirm the details of your party the week of the event. You can add additional jumpers at that time or on site the day of the party if the park has available capacity.
  10. What if I purchase too many jump passes or one of my jumpers doesn’t show up?  Unfortunately, we do not refund unused jump passes. All ticket sales are final.
  11. Do you supply a birthday cake for each party?  No, but you may bring your own birthday cake, cupcakes, or ice cream.
  12. How many pitchers of soda come with the birthday party package?  Soda pitchers are no longer included in the party package. Each guest will no get a bottle of water. You may still add on pitchers for $4 a piece.
  13. When is the last day I can order pizza for my party?  Pizza orders must be finalized 2 business days before your party.
  14. Can I add pizzas the day of the party if I have extra people show up?  Unfortunately not. Because we do not make the pizzas at the facility, they must be ordered off site.
  15. How many slices come in a pizza and what type of pizzas do you have?  Pizza orders are provided by our partner, Marcos. Only large cheese and pepperoni pizzas are available for birthday parties which includes 8 slices for $17 each or $30 for 2. Unfortunately, we are unable to customize or alter pricing based due to the volume of pizzas that we order. Marcos specials are not valid.
  16. Can I bring in food to the party?  You are welcome to bring cake and/or cupcakes if you have booked a scheduled birthday party. However, we do not permit any other food in the facility. Please do not bring snacks for your party guests. Pizzas are available to order for $17 each or $30 for 2.
  17. If my child has already been to Flight, do I still need to complete a new waiver?  We require online waivers for all party guests and parents who plan on attending and observing on the trampoline floor. Please have online waivers completed and signed for you (if attending) and your child.
  18. One of my guests forgot their waiver. Can I sign the waiver on their behalf?  We require the parent, legal guardian, or person with power of attorney to sign on behalf of each child.
  19. Can I add an extra hour of jump time to my party package?  Absolutely. You can add an additional hour to your party package for $10 per jumper (capacity limitations permitted). The additional hour may be observed after table time once guests have filled up on food, drinks and birthday presents.
  20. Can I bring my own decorations and balloons?  Yes. You are welcome to bring your own decorations. It is always helpful to drop them off before the party so we can set your table with your decorations. Please label your decorations with your name and the party date and time. Our decorations are gender neutral and celebration themed, so they can be used for both birthday parties and other celebrations.