Sector X Ultimate Laser Tag Arena!

Bring your Team or Join a Team here at Sector X!  Vest UP in our Amazing Bose Audio & Laser Activated Vests! Then grab your Special Laser Phaser & Embark on your next Mission!   Then Navigate through the Two Floors of Inter Galactic Battle Obstacles, Secret Passages and Glowing Point Partitions while attempting to Strike your Opponents without Taking on any Enemy Laser Fire!  But Be Careful….The Battle Bot is Always ON & Seeking Unsuspecting Players!  Look UP!  Look OUT!  He will be Lurking and Looking to Light you UP!  Get your Laser READY Sharp Shooters!

PLAYERS CARDS:  Don’t Forget to Ask the Game Marshall about Your Players Card!  Your Personalized Name Card allows you to save your Points and Get Promoted to different Levels in Sector X Missions & also Unlock Upgrades!  Tap your Vest to Recognize YOU and Your Profile is Activated and Ready to Tee up the next Game that’s sure to Challenge YOU & Keep your records and All Time SCORES!


Posted: Tuesday, August 1st, 2017